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I always make my own patterns. It’s fun, useful and I constantly learn something new from each pattern I make. I use basic things: measuring tape, paper, ruler, pencil, scissors.

As a result, everything you find here is unique. Two patterns will never be the same as I make custom-made clothing. We are all different. And clothing has to fit well, it needs to make you look and feel good.

I take pride in my work. I spend a lot of my time designing and building the garments with the utmost care. This is the place you will find high-quality clothing that will never have a mass-produced feeling. It will always be handmade, made to measure, or bespoke, depending on the customer’s choice.

I can generally source any kind of fabric from my supplier. If you find a piece of fabric that would suit you or your child, send it over and we could design something together. I have not discovered my limits in tailoring.  I enjoy everything about designing, cutting the fabric, and sewing the pieces together. I would be honoured to make you something special.

Tartan is quite a thing here in Scotland. I’ve sent clothing garments in the tartan fabric in many areas of the world. Ask me if I can source your favourite one and let’s create something special. Tartan is not only for Christmas!

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