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These are beautiful accessories for a doll play.


Your children will adore this gift as they can now carry their doll around. Whether going to their friends, or to grandparents, shopping or only in the park, this is the best way to spend their time with their favourite doll.


The size of this carry cot is 40x19x14 cm (LxWxH).


The doll bedding set includes mattress, blanket/duvet, pillow and 2 accent pillows (please choose blue and white accent pillows or pink and white accent pillows).


Please choose from the options, depending on what you need: the cot, or the bedding, or both.


PLEASE NOTE: This item is a toy. It is not designed for babies and no baby should at any point be sat in or carried in this toy carry cot. It is the responsibility of the child's guardian to supervise them while they play.
- please allow approx. 3 weeks, especially if I need more fabric. This one is ready to ship immediately.
- excludes shipping time
- materials are prewashed with eco-friendly detergent and ironed beforehand so items should not shrink or lose colour.
- warm hand/machine wash on gentle cycle, do not bleach
- do not tumble dry, medium heat iron