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Welcome to my shop!

I’m Mia and I’m the person behind Lili June. I design and sew the clothes, take pictures and do the whole marketing and accounts myself.


I’m passionate about sewing for babies and kids (0-6 yo). I also make bespoke clothing for kids of any age who do not fit into the standard measurements. Sometimes parents send me their own fabric. Let me know what you have in mind and I’ll make it happen. Your kids will be happy!


My parents were tailors and I’ve always had an affinity towards clothes and accessories. I spent my whole childhood playing around the sewing machines and watched my parents making beautiful bespoke clothing (especially for me). I was always proud to tell people who made my clothes and I feel very lucky to have learnt this from my parents. I found my deep love for sewing when I had my daughter and she has been my inspiration for everything I create.


Overwhelmed with a strong desire to return to my roots finally led me to open my business in 2015, an Etsy shop in 2016.

All the items are made with love and they are of high quality, made in a non-smoking and pet free environment. I usually create in my home studio, where I have all the tools, and all the peace I need for designing, cutting fabrics, sewing and preparing them for delivery.


Although fashion has evolved a lot, the basic cuts, seams and patterns are still the same. It’s how you combine them with the fabrics and the quality of your garments that make your clothing unique.


I now have customers of all shapes, sizes and ages. If you want something custom-made or have an idea and want it put into practice, please let me know. These orders will get stronger attention, depending of course on the availability of fabric.


I invite you to look around and let me know which one you prefer. And please stop by often, as I’m continuously adding new clothing.


Thank you for visiting Lili June!


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